Monday, June 1, 2009

Red and yellow make me mellow.

I hate to be redundant but I really dislike Mondays. While working on my research paper, I had to regain my sanity through photographing eye candy. Coincidentally, the color theme today happens to be red and yellow.

Sunset Red

I don't normally wear lipstick, but I've been wanting to find a nice shade of red that complements my skin tone, and I wanted it for cheap. A recent trip to Wal-Mart got me just that, and for under 5 bucks! I love the detailing of the stamp "Loreal-" reminds me of the Chanel lipstick, but for far less. I'm a sucker for details.

Biscoff cookies

On our last (and I really mean last) flight on Delta, the only perk were the Biscoff cookies. The delectable crunchy cookies had a hint of cinnamon with a sugary texture. Again, Wal-Mart saves the day. For $2, I was able to buy an entire pack of these delicious Belgium cookies.

Rasberry season

Rasberries. We got 6 boxes for $9 at Costco, what a steal. Normally, I'll go to the grocery store and just drool at them because they're beyond my reach ($3.99 a box? eek), but thank God for economy-sized bulk warehouses!

Peony remains

My peonies are slowly wilting, but I find this process absolutely beautiful. The color has faded and the petals are falling, but there's something magical about the process. Beauty in death? Reminds me of heaven.

Duplo dark chocolate candy bar- my fave.

I bought a pack of these amazingly wonderful dark chocolate candy bars by Ferrero in France, you know the people who make the "Ferrero Rochers" everyone regifts during Christmas time? Anyway, apparently they are limited edition and they don't sell them online. I'm down to my last two bars, which I'm saving for absolute chocolate emergencies. If you ever find these, I will love you forever and eveerrr...

Random: I finally signed up for Polyvore and created a "Look" for my cousin Sarah. This site is pretty cool because you can create your own "looks" using real clothing items that are sold online and in stores! Fashionistas, check it out!

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  1. Rockstar Diaries totally inspired me with the red lipstick as well. I want to see a photo of you with it! I just threw away my peonies too...but it was so interesting to see them fade in color, wonder why that is.

    p.s. Thanks for the Polyvore recommend!