Saturday, June 24, 2017

A tour of Miss Sophie's bedroom.

Last summer, we were renovating our bathrooms (future post coming soon....hopefully!) and realized we also needed to turn our former guest room into our little girl's bedroom. As anyone who has gone through renovations can tell you, they can add up in cost, so we needed to decorate on a tight budget. This meant that we would be hitting up the major chain furniture/home decor stores- i.e. IKEA, Target, Amazon, etc.

But admittedly so, these are some of our favorite places to shop, so it wasn't a major issue. The only question that always drives me is, "how do you personalize what may appear generic or blah?"

I am no where near being an interior designer (I'm actually quite horrible in terms of spatial intelligence), and I don't tend to stick to "themes." But with Pinterest being a kick-starter to get the creative juices flowing, I decided on some focal color schemes to tie it all together, and added the pieces (many gifted!) to complete what is now Miss Sophie Grace's bedroom. 

In all honesty, it was her oldest brother's temporary bedroom for awhile (until he started complaining about the amount of girlyness around him), and she still hasn't really moved out of our bedroom ^^. It isn't quite "complete," and I've been swapping random knick-knacks on the shelves. However, it's functional and the room will continue to evolve and grow along with her!
All wall shelves, baby crib and mini table lamps are from IKEA
The midcentury-style dresser (replaced with raw brass knobs found on Etsy was on clearance (last I checked, it's still on sale!) from Threshold, Target
Stuffed unicorn head, pink penguin, pillows and wall clock, also from Target.
Amelia the bunny blankie from Elliefunday.
Little house-shaped shelves and Lightbox on clearance from Michaels.
All books (some second-hand) and stuffed cloud pillow from Amazon.
Gold polka dot wall decals from Polka dot wall stickers.
Glitter eyelashes wall decal, DIY.
Watercolor calligraphy art made by a dear friend.
Wallcolor from Benjamin Moore (I actually don't remember the color, will have to look it up if anyone is interested!).