Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

A beautiful day for Easter photos after service | Brunch at Toast with the ladies in LA | Bebe oogling at a printed dress from Opening Ceremony | Flying Bebe on the loose! }

Easter weekend came and went all in a flash, and we are now already in the month of April, which reminds me I forgot to play an April Fool's prank this year, bah. But seriously, where has the time gone? The start of a new month has reminded me that I'm going onto my 4th month of no shopping (buying myself wearables that is, I've succumbed to window shopping as a form of social and leisure fun- as fun as that gets). A quarter of the year into it and I haven't had the itch to buy a particular item. However, the desire to buy something, almost anything has become the bigger itch. My mind naturally justifies rewarding myself for whatever hard work I've accomplished. I blame it on the gold stickers and prizes I received as a child from parents and teachers for dutifully completing my tasks. 

This had me wondering: Does this mean I desire recognition and rewards rather than focusing on intrinsic motivation? In all honesty, I realize that little rewards are needed to keep us going in life, why else do we work for money? But as we grow up, there needs to be a shift in our values, because money cannot be the only reason. We were created for more than just a paycheck. I've come to realize that when we do what we're truly passionate about, something we feel is making an impact on this world in some way or form, we have the fuel to continue running the rat race.

Now how do we teach children to see it that way?

Either way, I still want a gold star...I suppose some of us never grow up!