Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion in a global sense.

Alexander Wang S/S 2010, Image credits:

As technology increases, the world seems to decrease. I've noticed that we live in a time period where the word "culture" is defined by interests rather than ethnicity or race (a term that is nearly outdated). The culture of fashion is now being expressed globally, almost as a single entity. Designer labels and trends are now easily emulated or available for purchase via the internet. The global phenomenon of streetwear clothing now enables you to see what style-savvy people are wearing, thanks to a large array of blogs and street-style photographers. If one trend is all the rage here in the streets of Los Angeles, you can almost guarantee it is just as popular on the other side of the world. However, as great as it is to have uniformity, it does make me nostalgic for the unique fashion world we once lived in.

And on another note, I saw this adorable Marc Jacobs bag online that resembles a "you-know-what" bag, but for less than half of the price. Window-shopping never hurt anyone, right?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

To buy or say "bye"

Mademoiselle Chanel was a lady that was basically born into poverty, having been raised in an orphanage by nuns. I still have yet to watch "Coco Avant Chanel," but since the airing of the Lifetime film based on her life story, I have become intrigued by this woman. I always admire those who take the road less traveled in order to achieve their passions and dreams in life. Coco Chanel has simplified the fashion lives of women. She has played such a huge role in fashion history such as inventing "the little black dress," women's tweed dress suits, menswear and comfortable clothing (goodbye, corsets!) that were contrary to the glitz and glamour of the time period she resided in.

That being said, it has become my obsession to attain one of her classic 2.55 bags for some time now (haven't had any luck at the thrift shops). The name "2.55" represents the month and year (February 1955) the bag was created and it has significant meaning behind it. The inner "secret" flap was used to store her love letters. The back pocket was meant for storing money and lipstick for the inner pockets. The red leather lining of the black bags were inspired by her school uniform as a child. The chain straps were created in order to keep women's arms/hands hassle-free during that time period. And finally, the quilting was inspired by the jockey's riding coats she often saw and seat cushions from her apartment in Paris.

Recently, I've even contemplated whether it would be worth it to STOP shopping for a year to purchase something from the boutique. Yes, I'm that crazy. I looked up the recent prices for the tiniest 2.55 bag and felt defeated as I realized I would need to halt my shopping habits for TWO YEARS. I think that is a bit ridiculous. Perhaps I could afford a used one instead...

Though I cannot help but think:
If Chanel had wanted to simplify the lives of women by steering away from the extravagant, why has her label become only attainable to the wealthy, or those willing to succumb to its pricetag? If she were still alive today, would she be content with the direction her company is headed towards?

Bag or no bag, I've decided to stop purchasing clothing/accessories for the entire month of October and more. I intend on doing this for as long as I can contain myself (gasp). I figured it would be a refreshing way to begin some self-control for things I really don't need. And maybe I'll be able to save for something worth treasuring.

Looks like there will be much window-shopping and creative repeat items to come!

Credits: Purse Forum 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A fresh start.

Was feeling creative and put together a few outfits for the Fall (in LA at least).

Found the new lashblast lengthening formula by Covergirl at the local drugstore. Does it really lengthen your lashes? Yes. Given the fact that I have short, thin, asian lashes, that says a lot. And for $7 a pop, it's more worth it than Diorshow mascara.

Getting rid of some excess in my wardrobe in order to simplify things. Anyone who wants certain pieces, do let me know so I can reserve them for you. So far I have two large bags full. I always tell people to not get sentimentally attached to clothing they don't wear/fit anymore and I need to follow the same advice. I plan on giving away most and maybe exchanging a few at Buffalo Exchange.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Paradise

Tropical fruit
Coconut grove
Still waters
Shell necklace
Spent the week in Kauai, HI with the Hubby as a closure to the summer. Such a beautiful place to gaze and marvel at God's creation. Fall has now begun and the weather here in Cali is getting warmer; we owe it to global warming.

Alexander Wang S/S '10 backstage:
I know Spring is still quite far away, but Alexander Wang always seems to have it. His looks have the perfect balance of chic and edgy. Love the single braids and sharp-edged retro sunglasses that will probably be quite popular next year.
Image credit: Zimbio

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few fall ideas.

Broken closet
A very sad thing happened yesterday night. My hubby and I were watching TV when we heard a loud "crack." Turns out my portable closet rod snapped in half. It was used to store my coats/dresses/slacks..things I don't normally wear everyday. I guess I'll be needing a new one!

Since my clothes were already all over the floor, I decided to look through my cold-weather items. Clothing seems to feel brand new once you haven't worn them for a couple of seasons!

Here are a few fall ideas I got based on some inspirations:
Pair a black wool coat with a simple white dress and chunky necklace (add tights to warm up the chill factor).
Mix a military-style or band jacket with a fancy dress.
Roll the sleeves of your favorite plaid shirt over a blazer.
Don't be afraid to wear your sequins and sparkles during the day (otherwise, when will you actually wear them?).
Find some fun tights/leggings to wear during the fall and winter!

South Coast
I leave you with a few photos from this past Labor Day weekend. The last two photos were taken with my cousin's LensBaby. Quite a fun lens if I do say so myself! We visited a winery in Temecula, CA. Never knew that the Inland Empire had such beautiful wineries!

I see trees of green, and red roses too...

Croc-embossed Doc Martens, wow!

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