Monday, June 29, 2009

Just another Monday.

From Anthro

Last week, I received this cute little note in the mail from Anthropologie. Everything about that store is magical and every attention is spent on the details. It's a shame that 15% off is hardly anything when applied to their sky-high price tags.

Fashionable mannequins

Last Friday was my first time at a sample sale, ever. Knowing that I'm a bargain-hunter, my friend was astonished by the fact that I had never ventured into downtown LA to scope out one of these sales. Over 9 floors of showrooms, some had sample sales, some didn't. There were items ranging from $5-$100, all deducted by at least 75%.

Rough Justice creators

My favorite purchase were these Rough Justice slouchy boots in a deep red. They're extremely comfortable and the heel has a rubber sole, which makes for good treading. I got to purchase them directly from the creators/owners of the company, which I thought was pretty amazing. The best part was that they retailed for $299 and I got them for $40 total! You can find this brand at Endless, Nordstroms, Fred Segal and soon Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Amazon. If you're a size 6, I recommend going to the showroom to snag it for less.

Tip: when visiting sample sales, try to have a list of items you're looking for, otherwise you may get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you find and end up with things you really don't need.

Peck on the head.

We're savages.
This weekend was sort of a crazy one, but in a good way. We ended it with a cajun seafoodfest from Boiling Crab yesterday. Super messy, yet satisfying.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have fun with another photoshoot for Regina. Here are some of my favorite shots:




  1. HEHEHEHEHE davina! where do you hear about sample sales? and yay for our photo shoot (:

  2. wow, great shots of regina. you're quite a photographer. where can i see the whole set? :P btw I'M EXCITED FOR TMW