Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year Challenge

We've all been there before with the New Year resolutions. Whether you believe in them or not, I have been convicted to follow through with a challenge for myself and anyone else who would like to join me. 

So what is this challenge I have decided to embark upon? Giving up something that is not a necessity, but a pleasure. Every day, we are bombarded with ads, magazines, blogs, TV, etc., that tell us we need more of this and that in order to feel more complete, satisfied, content and beautiful. I'll admit, I've fallen victim to these messages more than I'd like. For this reason, I have decided to give up buying clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories this year.

I have come to realize that I have more than enough material goods in my closet and it's about time I start appreciating them by maximizing each item and being more creative with what I already own. On a side note, I actually NEED new pairs of socks (don't get me started on the number of holes I have in my socks). As silly as it may sound, this is a big step for a fashion-lover such as myself, and I will need the support of my fellow friends and family to remind me of my commitment. 

I have chosen to do this on a monthly basis because I need to take baby steps and celebrate the little victories, rather than beat myself up for failing. Sometimes it's the journey and the little lessons along the way that matter, not necessarily the end goal. 

As a result, I am hoping this will teach me to become more wise in how I spend the money I've been given, and to become sensitively aware of the needs of others through giving. 

If any of you so choose to join me in this challenge, I'd like to hear your thoughts! I have already spoken to a couple of friends who have made the same decision this year and I intend on using them to talk me out of moments of weakness. : )

This blog will help document my journey, experimentations, struggles, inspirations and so forth...stay tuned!

Photo credits: Susan Kim