Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness.

Missoni for Target
Okay, don't laugh. I kind of went ballistic inside Target this morning when my Hubby called me and told me they sold out of the tights (mainly the only thing I was eyeing from the line). I didn't expect the turn out to be THAT insane. I was out of the door by 9am, hoping to glean whatever was left of the mayhem at the quietest Target I knew of. I ended up with more than I had expected. Most of these will be and are currently being sold on eBay (always got to be business-minded!). Oh, and did I mention I am on a shopping fast this month? If anyone is interested, I am always willing to negotiate!
Missoni Cardigan
My favorite open cardigan piece...I can't let this one go, but I will wait a bit before selling it : )
Missoni pants
Tested out these silky PJ-turned work pants today and got a few compliments. Hey, if you can get away with wearing PJs to work, you can get away with much more than that!