Friday, April 27, 2012

Random mess of photos

I know its been awhile since I posted thrifty deals I've found, so here it goes: 
5 items for $12! I found some Spring items from the local Salvation Army during their 50% off sale. One of these items are a huge vintage printed mu-mu, which I intend on making into a skirt for the summer : )
I received this little package all the way from Thailand last month, and inside were these adorable little creatures:
Each one is hand crocheted by women in Thailand and come in an array of bold, beautiful colors (I know that my selection doesn't really display that : P ). The plus? The money goes to support Rahab Ministries-- an organization dedicated to helping and providing jobs to women who have escaped trafficking and prostitution. See more of their products here
I found a recipe for potato leek soup in my new recipe book and decided to try it out. The verdict was light and soothing to the tummy, perfect for a rainy day or cool Spring evening.
I had an amazing beet salad at Euro Pane last month, and decided to re-create their handiwork: fresh minneola tangerines, goat cheese, beets, glazed pecans, fresh greens and my own homemade dressing consisting of equal parts fresh o.j., olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. 
I found these bold citrus-colored flowers growing on a hill in the park and couldn't help but to pluck a few to take home. My mom saw them while she was visiting and let me in on the fact that you can find mature seeds next to these plants, ready to be planted! They are now in a pot in my yard, let's see how well they can tolerate my lack of gardening skills...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Melrose Place.

I tagged along with my friend Susan a few weeks ago for a day-trip to the Melrose area. She had been wanting to try Blu Jam Cafe for some time, so that is where we ended up going! Everything we ordered was delicious and I would definitely go back.
Tip: sit outside and people watch, LA has some of the most interesting characters around...
Blu Jam Cafe's signature crunchy french toast with a vanilla bean sauce -- highly recommended!
For dessert, we went to Susina Bakery and guess who I bumped into? I was perusing through the cakes and pastries when I saw someone waving at me. Lo and behold, it was my friend Cindy, whom I had just spoken on the phone with hours prior.
 Quite a happy coincidence : )
 Susina's famous whipped white chocolate berry cake
I bought the Hubby this ridiculously expensive edible souvenir from Susina, though I have to admit it was quite tasty!
 We walked off our hefty meal by visiting little boutiques on Melrose Ave, Wasteland included - I wasn't as lucky this time and didn't find anything worth buying in my price range.
 Legging world?
We also decided to visit my friend's long lost childhood home in Hancock Park, it was a quaint, yet beautiful neighborhood, very reminiscent of San Marino.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 30th to the Hubby!

Celebration at Ye Olde Ship
Whiskey steak and ale within a pastry puff -- a British classic
Owned by a 5 year old

Tried a local joint in honor of the Hubby's 30th
Roasted pork belly on top of wasabi mashed potatoes and shitake mushrooms
Tender venison steak and blueberry venison sausage with bleu cheese/red sauce gnocchi

Last month involved the celebrations of the Hubby's 30th birthday -- a shocking reminder that we are no longer children pretending to play house. I've known the Hubby since he was 17 and much has happened since the day we met. From being friends to best friends, lovers, spouses and future parents-to-be, its been a never ending relationship that has only deepened through time and circumstances. You would think that years of getting to know someone would become boring, but I find that it is quite the opposite. I am still learning new things about him each day and hope to never stop discovering. He has taught me what it means to love as Christ loves us; not only through words, but by his actions and faithful commitment to our marriage. I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Flair

I've been a little obsessed with Spring colors lately-- falling back in love with pastels, citrus tones, whites and all things floral