Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Rust colored silk top, T by Alexander Wang side zipper pants, Nine West snakeskin stilettos, leopard snap-bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs, old Express gold chain necklace, Wet n' Wild Shine nail polish in 'Pink Petal Glitter'

I promise you I'm not smothering my dog! Anyway, I've been looking for something in a nude rust color for some time, so imagine my excitement when I found this vintage silk top at my local Savers while doing some styling with a couple of friends. I also found these T by Alexander Wang zipper pants at...none other than Nordstrom (of course, right?), several weeks ago. They are by far, the most comfortable and well-tailored pants I've ever owned. Highly recommended.
Snakeskin heels
I've got to admit, the past week in a half or so has been a bit crazy. From birthdays to anniversaries to graduations to promotions to changes in friendships, I've been a ball of emotions. I'm looking forward to my mini weekend vacay back to the Bay Area in June. As much as I enjoy meeting new faces here in Sunny SoCal, I do miss my parents and childhood friends...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo
Vintage silk button-up, vintage tiny houndstooth skirt, vintage belt, Nine west booties, quilted bag, assorted accessories from F21, Macy*s, and various countries
Tried the new "Lettes (mini Paulette's)" in Little Tokyo, not bad.
Love this mural found near Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles.
Daichan Menu
Japanese Soul Food
Went out for a pre-anniversary date with the Hubby this past weekend. We found out that the restaurant was in the same plaza as the place we went to last year for our anniversary, go figure. We decided on having Japanese "soul-food" this time around and ate till we were happily stuffed with quite a reasonable tab.
Asian Rockstars
Afterwards, we went off to Little Tokyo (for some more Japanese/Asian persuasion) with some friends to see our buddy perform for the East West Players. On a side note, we just started our Women's Half-Yearly Sale at Nordstrom. Come one, come all...if you've been good, now's the time to start finding some awesome deals!

With that, I should probably head to bed and get some much needed rest..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Houses.

Wearing a sequined dress from Target, H&M blazer, Carlos patent pumps, vintage Chanel bag, Forever 21 bangle

Taken in front of the Anaheim White House restaurant. We came here based on a free gift certificate that Cindy received. This was possibly the most over-rated "fancy schmancy" restaurant I've ever been to. I don't usually like to criticize places, but this place was definitely pretentious and over-hyped. The ravioli was below Costco's standard and the souffle would've caused Julia Child to roll over in her grave. As my friend Cindy would say, the only part that was worth it was the $4 valet service. Nevertheless, it was an amusing experience that made me feel like we were in a Dynasty episode, circa 1980s.
Anaheim White House
Cindy's favorite part: the architectural parmesan crisp
Mini bow-tie
This event calls for a mini paper bow-tie.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not so secret garden.

Statue Garden

Statue Garden 2
H&M floppy hat, sundress from Target, vest from Kmart, Dolce Vita for Target wedges, vintage Vogue sunglasses, vintage Christian Dior bag taken from Mom, assorted jewelry from Beijing and Hawaii

We received free tickets to the Huntington Library and Gardens last week and decided to pay it a visit for old time's sake. It was a super-sunny day in Pasadena and we ended the night with margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo day : )
Antique jewelry
I loved this amazing jewelry, especially the peridot ring with a vine-like setting.
Leah 2
My beautiful friend Leah, who shares the same love and appreciation for art nouveau as I do.
Convo piece
"Plastic" flowers

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sunset beach
The beach right outside Mama's Fish house was amazing.
Peacock feathers I purchased from the Swap Meet!
Golfin' in heels
The Hubby thought it would be funny if I pretended to pose in heels on a golf course, ridiculous.
This old man must've see more women than anyone else on the island in his lifetime.
Pooped on Pontiac
The poor Pontiac got pooped on.
Cinnamon sour cream dipping sauce
White chocolate mac nut banana pancakes
Crash & burn
Black sand beach
Stawberry goat cheese bruschetta
Seared Hawaiian Ahi salad
Coconut ono ceviche
Seared ahi tuna with edamame spread
Sunset beach 2
Came back earlier this week from our getaway to Maui, Hawaii- a place of memories from our honeymoon four years ago. Tis so bittersweet to revisit an island full of memories and imprints from the past, a time when we were a bit younger and life was naively blissful.