Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eye spy with my little eyes...

Been feeling under the weather for the past week, which is forcing me to "try" and rest up, which is actually quite hard for me to do. Sitting still all day isn't in my dictionary, so I tried keeping my eyes busy with eye candy to oogle at. Here are some things that caught my attention:

Left: Moschino pencil dress Right: Lanvin embellished patent sandals from Net-A-Porter.com

Bows: I've always loved bows, whether they were in my hair as a child, tied as a ribbon on my dresses, on my flats, etc. etc. I find myself attracted yet again, but this time in a more grown-up manner.

Boots. I can never get enough of them. Since I was literally nine, I've been wearing boots because I love them so much. These suede studded boots from Urban Outfitters shout simplicity, while the studs give it an added boost!

I also like these semi-boots by Christian Louboutin, its got some crazy fringe action going on, which makes it special. It's a shame a pair of these cost 1K+.

Accessories from Urban Outfitters. I love how unique the brass bracelet looks, I'm sure it's crazy on, but what a great statement piece! The filligree ring is also very dainty and charming. I think filligree anything always looks fantastic. The last item on the bottom right isn't from UO, but net-a-porter.com. It's a Roberto Cavalli stone ring that reminds me of my field trips in elementary school, when we would visit science museums and I would bring polished stones back from the gift shops. What a treasure that was.

Faux leather vest from Urban Outfitters

Blush-beige pink: I love pink, but it is such a hard color to pull off sometimes. I always fear looking like a middle school kid when I wear it, but this shade of pink has become my fave. It looks grown up and sophisticated in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way. Mix that with leather and you have perfection!

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  1. look! http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2009/06/on-streetprint-dress-sydney.html she has the shoes!