Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Mia


I've been mia from blogging this past week because I took a mini-vacay to SF to visit the parentals for my bday & to celebrate the 4th of July, well kinda. I'm definitely loving the cooler weather here and its been a loverly visit thus far, catching up with old friends and spending time with family. I'm actually kind of sad to leave tomorrow! I shall post more photos of my adventure when I return to sunny Pasadena.

Thrifty Ensemble
Location: Outer Richmond district, SF
Outfit: tiny houndstooth print skirt (photo does no justice)- thrifted for $3, leather belt- GAP, $2.50, boys blazer- thrifted for $6, white linen tank- zara, $10, black tank- $3.99, red boots-by rough justice, $40

Zara was having a humongo sale on Friday and I found this buttery soft beige leather jacket on clearance for $149, retail: $279! Unfortunately, it was a bit large and I've been looking for a staple black leather jacket to invest in, though having two colors would be nice...

Charming stickers
"Have a sweet day" -stickers from La Boulange, a cute french bakery shop in Pacific Heights, SF.


  1. AHHHH i was at the zara in pasadena the other day but i didnt get to really shop bc i was with other people ): ): ):

  2. Glad you've been having a nice visit! :) You know, you really should move back here. Norcal is the place to be! :D Keep those updates coming haha

  3. Oohh I really like your thrifty outfit .. the price is nice! :) Do more posts like these :)