Friday, August 10, 2012

Clothes for bebe!

        Preppy styles from Janie & Jack 

       Classic basics at Makié Clothing 

  Fun options from Baby Gap

I'm not sure if I had already mentioned it, but we are (at least according to the ultrasounds) expecting a baby boy! The moment we found out we were having a boy, the whole idea of having a baby started to become more real. As a stylist, I cannot help but to start daydreaming clothing options for the little guy before he is old enough to give me opposition. : )

The challenge most mommies of baby boys say they face are the limited options they see in most stores (I honestly think I would gag if I saw any more baby blue onesies). As grown-up men do tend to have fewer clothing choices and styles than women, the same applies with little boys (my husband is constantly griping about that!). However, there are many children's clothing stores out there that seem to get it and have come up with a greater variety than what you would typically find at your local Babies R' Us, Gymboree and so forth - the only problem is that some of these companies require a bigger budget, which is sometimes hard to justify for something they may only wear once or twice!

Perhaps it's time I start making my own baby clothes, but that is all wishful thinking...


  1. We go to a Gymboree (also the same company as Janie and Jack, Crazy 8) sample sale once or twice a year in the city and there are some super cute non-babyish clothes to be had! After baby boy is born, maybe I can look out for some pieces for you! :) I got N the cutest French looking bow top there this year!

    1. Ohh really?? Maybe they just don't have a good variety for infants : P We were there to exchange a onesie and didn't find much :( Where is the sample sale, is it usually held in the stores? Do let me know if you find anything! :D

  2. This is too cute! Here in Paris I have seen a lot of stores with baby fashion:)