Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dressing the bump.

Maternity-wear. The words made me want to cringe pre-pregnancy and I still get those feelings every now and then when my husband and I pass by a Motherhood or Pea in a Pod. Though I must admit, we've come a long way since the earlier decades when our mothers used to wear shapeless dresses that were wide enough to pitch a tent, and not to mention the hideous maternity overalls...

I think that more than anything, it's the stigma attached to these stores that cause them to be unappealing to me. I know that I should give them a chance, but the price- tags definitely don't make it any easier. Now that stores such as Forever 21 and H&M also carry maternity-wear, they are becoming a bit less expensive and more "hip-" but the thought of purchasing clothing just to wear for the duration of my pregnancy feels like a waste of money.  

Of course in the end, there are more important things to worry about such as eating a healthy diet, staying positive emotionally, preparing for the day of labor and of course, taking care of bebe. But on a superficial note, how you look can sometimes determine how you feel. 

So for those who would like to know, or are curious as to how one can take short-cuts towards maximizing their wardrobe for this 9-month (or less if you're lucky!) occasion, here are some tips and tricks I've learned...
  • Rather than paying $30 for a belly-band, purchase a wide bandeau tube top to wear over your pants/shorts instead, it's the same concept minus the hefty price tag. I found one for $3.99.
  • Purchase clothing one (or two) sizes up, and ask yourself if you would wear them again post-pregnancy
  • Spandex shorts (they are back from the 80s) and leggings are your best friends- wear them frequently and creatively
  • Drapey, shapeless and long tops (enough to cover your bum) are perfect for your growing bump and you can pair them with leggings without worrying about exposing too much.
  • Hold a shapeless dress down with a skinny belt worn above the bump
  • There are many high-waisted tops and dresses out there, but be weary of ones that appear to be too babydoll-like 
  • If you must wear heels, opt for a low wedge, which is sturdier than a heel in itself
  • Don't be afraid of color and prints! Wearing black is slimming, but just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you need to dress for a funeral.
  • Scour thrift stores for fun tops without having to spend much.
  • Accessorize. Buying accessories is always a pick-me-upper because you can always fit into them (with the exception of rings if bloating is an issue).
  • Smile - no one likes to be around an irritated and hormonal pregnant lady, so flash those pearly whites!
  • Embrace your bump and wear it with pride!

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