Monday, July 30, 2012

A tie-dyeing frenzy.

I had bought a package of Rit dye in royal blue awhile back, and finally went about experimenting. I was inspired to turn some of my drab clothing items into something "new," especially now that my clothing selection is rather limited due to physical circumstances : P. I looked towards other blogs for inspiration, which resulted in a variety of dyeing methods ranging from the traditional tie-dye (rubber-banding segments first) to more of the recent ombre gradient effect. In order to maximize my pack of dye, I ended up dyeing a a bit more than what I had initially intended!
 The second round involved ombre-ing a pair of maternity shorts I received as a gift. The color was a drab beige and needed a little something...who says maternity-wear needs to be boring?!

  • Wear rubber gloves - I was lazy towards the end and took them off, which resulted in blue fingers for a night.
  • Don't rush - I was too excited to begin and ended up getting dye onto the parts I wanted to remain white, but a good soaking in Chlorox bleach helped erase some of the mistakes!
  • Start off with clothing you are okay with parting, that way if you do make a mistake, it isn't as painful.
  • Dye clothing in a garage or bathroom sink and away from carpet, you'd be amazed by the amount of splashes you can incur while dyeing.
  • Practice on a men's undershirt!
  • Wash dyed clothing separately by hand for a few washes, as the color tends to bleed.
  • Keep pets and children away unless you want them to match your newly updated clothing : ) 
  • Have fun!


  1. It looks awesome, I'd love to know how to do that; I might try :)