Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chanel: Spring 2010

Image credit: Garance-Doré

I just read this entry from Garance-Doré and was mesmerized and a bit disgusted all at the same time. Mesmerized by how creative and crazy of a runway show performance Chanel produced and then disgusted by the fact that they implied a ménage à trois act on stage (umm, eww?) Makes me wonder what this empire now stands for and what will become of Chanel after Karl Lagerfeld croaks.

A quote from Karl Lagerfeld on the Chanel runway show back in 1/09: "We have no budget. We do what we want and throwing money out the window brings money back in through the front door. The bottom line is I don't deal with the bottom line. The luxury in my life is I never have to think about it." 

Ah, so THAT is why Chanel bags are so expensive!

Moving onto a more pleasant subject, here are a handful of my favorite looks from the Chanel Spring'10 runway show (I have to say, I expected more):

Looks who else was at the Chanel show:

 Lily Allen! I love her music and unique style. She's also the new face of the Chanel "Cocoon" bag line, which supposedly caters towards a younger crowd, though the prices aren't any does that make any sense?

Wooden clogs also graced the Chanel runway. I'm not sure how I feel about that, since I was over my clog-phase after middle school...though I am curious to see if people will start wearing them again, fashion does repeat itself!

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  1. We love it too! Karl is a genius. Read our review:

  2. He is awesome genius. Love the runway.

    ps: your comment made me laugh;-))))

  3. Ohh this collection was beautiful! Love your blog :)