Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall fashion picks.

Due to the ongoing recession, I decided to post some affordable picks for the Fall/Winter. I usually tell people to invest in shoes, bags and classic items. Super trendy clothing pieces such as tops, dresses and accessories aren't worth spending a ton on, which is why Forever 21 is such a great source.

Forever 21 Fall picks
Ponchos, fur, stripes, military= love.

Forever 21 accessory picks
I'm an accessory hoarder and seeing all these beautiful finds on the F21 website is making me drool. 

Cold-weather boot selection

L-R: Piperlime/Aldo/Aldo, Bottom row: Piperlime

People have been asking me questions on buying boots, so I've decided to put in a few tips:

  • Boots are an investment. Go leather, Pay more, feel better and wear them longer. Expect to spend at least 80+ retail. The key is to find them on clearance.
  • Try shoes on at a local department store and then find them cheaper online. At least now you know how they feel/look on you.
  • Go for classic colors if you intend on spending more for your boots. Neutrals, black, grays, red, you'll never get tired of these shades and they go with everything!
  • Properly store your leather boots back into the box when you're done wearing them for a season, otherwise the leather will start to dry out.
  • Get over the UGGs. They have and never will be considered chic. They're only practical when there's snow.
 Bags. Spend more, buy fewer and they will last longer. I'm not a huge fan of designer monogram. Small logos are okay. Go for all-leather if you decide to buy a classic bag that you will keep for years. Loehmanns, TJ Maxx and Nordstroms Rack are excellent choices for a variety of designer bags. 

Alright, that is all for today. TGFCW (Thank God for cooler weather) !!


  1. i miss F21 i didnt get anything on my last visit as my suitcase was too small! sigh xxxx

  2. love the black coat and elephant (?) ring! last time i went they didnt have great things but i hear its kind of hit-and-miss with them


  3. hahaha i really like your last tip on the boots :) i saw this sequined embellished top and thought of you today-- http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-sequin-embellished-vest/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=735984&affId=1168

  4. you should check out endless.com
    they have similar shoes to piperlime but are actually cheaper(they beat anybody's price)
    i usually buy my shoes there

  5. great pics! thanks for sharing!
    i really need some new clothes too. i feel like i have soo many summer clothes than winter. eeep.