Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn, I love you.

Thrifty outfit of the day: vest from kmart- $3, thrifted leather skirt- $3.50, black top from paris- $10 thrifted leather belt- $2, f21 bangles, leopard tights- $1, nine west ankle boots- $50

The few trees with autumn leaves are starting to fall and change color here in Southern California. The air has turned into a cool, crisp fall treat. The sky is scattered with fluffy gray clouds as the rain is drizzling sporadically. Homes are decorated with fall wreaths, pumpkins, ghosts and other spooky creatures. Every so often, you may come across the smell of burning logs, traveling up the chimney and into the sky. Autumn is here and I'm in love.

Autumn highlights:
Butternut squash soup
Homemade butternut squash soup
Honeycrisp apples: crispy, juicy, fragrant, sweet - how all apples should taste.
Making sun-dried tomato hummus
Matching jackets
Leather jackets

Came across this clothing brand called dear creatures. I love how creative their lookbook for Autumn09 is. It has that 60s vintage girl scout feel to it.


  1. you know, i bought a honeycrisp apple at ralph's once, and it wasn't as good as i'd thought it be! hmmm. your plaid shirt is so cute. love it!

  2. btw, nice new header. :) didn't see it until now since i was reading your posts in Google reader.