Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few fall ideas.

Broken closet
A very sad thing happened yesterday night. My hubby and I were watching TV when we heard a loud "crack." Turns out my portable closet rod snapped in half. It was used to store my coats/dresses/slacks..things I don't normally wear everyday. I guess I'll be needing a new one!

Since my clothes were already all over the floor, I decided to look through my cold-weather items. Clothing seems to feel brand new once you haven't worn them for a couple of seasons!

Here are a few fall ideas I got based on some inspirations:
Pair a black wool coat with a simple white dress and chunky necklace (add tights to warm up the chill factor).
Mix a military-style or band jacket with a fancy dress.
Roll the sleeves of your favorite plaid shirt over a blazer.
Don't be afraid to wear your sequins and sparkles during the day (otherwise, when will you actually wear them?).
Find some fun tights/leggings to wear during the fall and winter!

South Coast
I leave you with a few photos from this past Labor Day weekend. The last two photos were taken with my cousin's LensBaby. Quite a fun lens if I do say so myself! We visited a winery in Temecula, CA. Never knew that the Inland Empire had such beautiful wineries!


  1. wow you have some amazing pieces there...gorgeous jackets!

  2. I think you have enough clothes that you can start a clothes rental service =) The lensbaby looks really cool! I wonder why Gabe doesn't post his pictures on fb or online photo sites. On the hand, I think it'll be alright since he took quite a bit of blackmail worthy picutes of me (_ _")