Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion in a global sense.

Alexander Wang S/S 2010, Image credits:

As technology increases, the world seems to decrease. I've noticed that we live in a time period where the word "culture" is defined by interests rather than ethnicity or race (a term that is nearly outdated). The culture of fashion is now being expressed globally, almost as a single entity. Designer labels and trends are now easily emulated or available for purchase via the internet. The global phenomenon of streetwear clothing now enables you to see what style-savvy people are wearing, thanks to a large array of blogs and street-style photographers. If one trend is all the rage here in the streets of Los Angeles, you can almost guarantee it is just as popular on the other side of the world. However, as great as it is to have uniformity, it does make me nostalgic for the unique fashion world we once lived in.

And on another note, I saw this adorable Marc Jacobs bag online that resembles a "you-know-what" bag, but for less than half of the price. Window-shopping never hurt anyone, right?


  1. haha. if you're gonna buy a quilted bag, get the "real" one. save up! hahaha. =D

  2. reply from your blog comment:
    Dude... Honestly... I don't think I could do a shopping freeze for two years. hahaha! I would go crazy. I would just ask for a combined birthday/christmas/anniversary present for the next two years ahaha. "Don't give me gifts! Contribute to the Davina Wants a Chanel Bag Fund" =P