Thursday, September 3, 2009

Falling in love with Fall.

Collage credits: Fashiongirl

I decided to change the layout of my blog for a cleaner, simpler look. I enjoy change when it comes to aesthetics, so who knows how long I'll keep it for...

I love the sultry color palette done sexily by Chanel. Very vampire-esq...perfect for the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. I can't believe its almost been a year since I got into the series!

Recent DIY projects:
Was bored one day and bought a box of tiny gold pins to make one of those popular safety pin DIY projects. Maybe I'll do a crazier project when I'm in the mood...
Just finished stitching a gold/black string embellishment onto a jacket I hardly wear anymore, in order to create a subtle "band jacket" look. Please disregard the lack of style in my stay-at-home outfit and say "hello" to my pup, Moch. I was going to add more to it, but got tired of pricking my fingers with the needle. I really need to invest in a sewing machine...

More Fall items:

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  1. i think the subtle band jacket look is cute, great diy. did you add anything to the sleeves? oh yeah, and do you want a fun header for your blog? let me know, we can come up with something. :)

  2. awww i like what you've done on that jacket :) great detailing