Saturday, August 22, 2009

I wanna rock with you...

Source: Net-a-porter

More pieces that have caught my attention. Above is a beautiful leather jacket, something similar to what I've been looking for, but 10 times above my price range...

I go through strange phases in my life when it comes to fashion, and currently I've been tired of the ultra-femme/girly-girl look. I used to love it while working at Anthropologie, but lately I've been craving more edge and rock n' roll. I guess this phase came at the right time, as this upcoming season will be filled with leather, studs, metal, gilt, buckles, hardware and sequins, oh my!


  1. wow, never seen a moto-styled blazer jacket like that before (referring to the 2nd row middle photo-'wool jacket'). recently i saw a vest and a jacket at f21 that looks like the cropped version of that. i love that tiered skirt.

    yeah i go through phases too, its hard for me to pin down a specific "style" and even harder to just stick with that. oh well, i guess thats what makes fashion like a fun art learning experience.

    i still need to work on downsizing my closet though... i think i just need to be brutally honest w/ what no longer fits or frames my body well.

  2. i made a new entry w/ an outfit that i had purchased on saturday! (: it's one of many. there's so many outfits, i don't know how to fit them all in one entry. haha!

  3. the shoes are awesome! I love the whole rock chick trend..