Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 items for 15 bucks.

Spontaneously went to a garage sale on Saturday while waiting for my family and picked up a load of stuff. The lady was getting rid of her vintage items and I came at the right time. I could hardly contain my excitement when I bought all six items for fifteen bucks (ok and 50 cents). Wouldn't you be excited too?

Moschino Cheap & Chic vintage cropped "joker" blazer, $5-The lady recommended this jacket to me and at first I was thinking it was a lil crazy, but it grew on me. She said she would have to charge me more for this one because it was a special item. I didn't bother to bargain because the jacket alone probably retailed for 1k.

Italian leather boots, $3-  still in excellent condition

Silk & velvet "band" vest, $2.50- she purchased it in the 80s at some boutique at the Beverly Center.

80s dress, $3- I may need to hem the length...

Black sequin vest, $1 (Btw, I'm loving the new Anthropologie catalog and its "streetwear" theme)

And more sequins (can you tell I love sequins?), sequin dress, $1- Apparently someone gave her this dress and she never had a chance to wear it. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make it less trashy-looking.

This wasn't part of the garage sale, but I purchased it two weeks ago from F21. It's kind of bold n' Blair Waldorf-looking, but I loved how they used a zipper to form the bow.

I've been trying to organize better this summer and have finally gotten around to placing our professional wedding photos chronologically into an album. Yes, its been more than two years since the day of our wedding.
Several weeks ago, I saw the divider bar for your closet on sale at Bed Bath Beyond. I ran out and bought two rods and it has saved me ample closet space. It's not easy sharing a closet, so you have to make the best of it! 

On another note, I can now shamelessly say that I have posted my "services" (stylist, art teacher & photographer) to the people I know on Facebook to see if I can make it a side job. My friends have been encouraging me to at least become a stylist on the side. I always feel like it's wrong to get paid while doing something I love, but I suppose that's the beauty in it.


  1. oh my g! i love all those clothes and the headband is so original.

  2. omg.. love the headband!! as soon as it arrives in indonesia, im going to purchase one too! but my sister is going to be the one who use it ;(

  3. wow, the leather boots are awesome!

  4. wow, you made off like a bandit! anyway, have you looked into being a professional personal shopper? my friend works for the Irvine Company and is stationed at Fashion Island--it sounds like so much fun! maybe you can check some of the major dept stores near your house.

  5. Thank you so much :D Love your photos as well and these clothes are so beautiful :) I think I'll follow your blog on bloglovin' :)

  6. Sorry, "with" bloglovin' :P Maybe it doesn't matter, but... :)

  7. wow, wow, this is just beautiful i love that jacket and the boots are freakin amazing!! this is such a lovely blog :)


  8. Everything is perfect,dear!
    Great blog!

  9. you have a great blog. all these items are sooo wonderful esp that sequened item
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. OMG I love all your picks and your photos are beautiful!!! love the closet photo so much :)

  11. i think my favorite piece is that adorable headband! you have great style!

  12. GREAT FINDS!!! 15bucks!!! what a steal. those items rock~ btw, your closet looks like so much FUN! miss you davina & sad we didn't get to meetup when i was in your town last week! (& i didn't go to europane either, boo!)

  13. Wow, I really liked the Moschino blazer. The cutting is very unique. The gold chain band vest looks pretty good, Oh! I like the shape of the boot too. You do have an eye for great stuff. You should become a merchantizer for Barney New York or something like that!

  14. jacket is amazing !!!<3 love it
    Gaby <33

  15. loooovely jacket. I'm really into moschino vintage these days... cool post:)