Friday, April 27, 2012

Random mess of photos

I know its been awhile since I posted thrifty deals I've found, so here it goes: 
5 items for $12! I found some Spring items from the local Salvation Army during their 50% off sale. One of these items are a huge vintage printed mu-mu, which I intend on making into a skirt for the summer : )
I received this little package all the way from Thailand last month, and inside were these adorable little creatures:
Each one is hand crocheted by women in Thailand and come in an array of bold, beautiful colors (I know that my selection doesn't really display that : P ). The plus? The money goes to support Rahab Ministries-- an organization dedicated to helping and providing jobs to women who have escaped trafficking and prostitution. See more of their products here
I found a recipe for potato leek soup in my new recipe book and decided to try it out. The verdict was light and soothing to the tummy, perfect for a rainy day or cool Spring evening.
I had an amazing beet salad at Euro Pane last month, and decided to re-create their handiwork: fresh minneola tangerines, goat cheese, beets, glazed pecans, fresh greens and my own homemade dressing consisting of equal parts fresh o.j., olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. 
I found these bold citrus-colored flowers growing on a hill in the park and couldn't help but to pluck a few to take home. My mom saw them while she was visiting and let me in on the fact that you can find mature seeds next to these plants, ready to be planted! They are now in a pot in my yard, let's see how well they can tolerate my lack of gardening skills...

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