Thursday, April 26, 2012

Melrose Place.

I tagged along with my friend Susan a few weeks ago for a day-trip to the Melrose area. She had been wanting to try Blu Jam Cafe for some time, so that is where we ended up going! Everything we ordered was delicious and I would definitely go back.
Tip: sit outside and people watch, LA has some of the most interesting characters around...
Blu Jam Cafe's signature crunchy french toast with a vanilla bean sauce -- highly recommended!
For dessert, we went to Susina Bakery and guess who I bumped into? I was perusing through the cakes and pastries when I saw someone waving at me. Lo and behold, it was my friend Cindy, whom I had just spoken on the phone with hours prior.
 Quite a happy coincidence : )
 Susina's famous whipped white chocolate berry cake
I bought the Hubby this ridiculously expensive edible souvenir from Susina, though I have to admit it was quite tasty!
 We walked off our hefty meal by visiting little boutiques on Melrose Ave, Wasteland included - I wasn't as lucky this time and didn't find anything worth buying in my price range.
 Legging world?
We also decided to visit my friend's long lost childhood home in Hancock Park, it was a quaint, yet beautiful neighborhood, very reminiscent of San Marino.



  1. I'm from OC but work in LA and have never visited some of those yummy spots! Dishes look positively divine...gotta check em out...thanks for the tip!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!


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