Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring.

It was definitely a rainy day yesterday in Southern California, but we braved the rain for the sake of fashion. There was a Monastery I once spotted and always thought it would be a wonderful site for taking photos. During our photoshoot, we were greeted by a couple of warm Sisters who lived right upstairs of the Monastery. They proceeded to tell us that the building was over a 100 years old! I love it when a building has history, and what a blessing it was to meet them!
Wearing: DKNY nude lace top, wool shorts from Papaya, leopard tights from Ross, Bandalino boots, vintage wool coat gifted from a friend, thrifted medallion necklace.

Below are some photos of the loverly Channing:
Channing's first macaron
Channing and her first french macaron.
Sister, Sister.
A couple of loverly nuns.

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