Tuesday, February 2, 2010

500 Days of...

"500 Days of Summer" Park
Downtown LA
Downtown LA
My husband and I decided to visit the now famous park from 500 Days of Summer. My husband recognized this park from way back when he used to work in downtown LA. The park was infamous for hobos and such, but Hollywood always knows how to glamorize any location.  Since we were already there, we decided to have fun re-enacting the perfect movie for an anti-Valentine's Day.
Photos above taken by my cousin, Ryan.
500 Days of Summer bench
They even have a plaque in honor of the movie!


  1. love the pictures davina! Viet and I have 2 completely different interpretations of the movie - his is sunnier than mine... hahaha! I love the movie regardless!

  2. Too cute! I keep telling BF we should take pics there. Since 500 Days came out there are always a few couples there every time I pass by.

    (Love the Valentines Day billboard in the bg haha)

  3. Let me know if you need any to-do-in-LA recommendations! If you're a fan of food trucks, they're having a big food truck festival here in downtown next weekend:


  4. Haha awesome! Now I want to check out the park from 500 Days of Summer! :D

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