Saturday, May 21, 2016

To Texas Y'all

Ever since my little sis made the move to Texas (sad face), we've been wanting to visit her and my bro-in-law. So when we found out that Mike was having a work conference in Dallas, naturally we decided to make a family trip out of it with all my sibs included (well, really with the addition of one more). There is something to be said about traveling with family that makes things feel more natural and comfortable when you're away from home. You can do and say what you feel, which makes decision-making that much easier. I guess we've been through the good and the ugly together, so there is no reason to hide...thank God for family!

There is no other place like Texas, and each city had its charm. We embarked on a mini tour of a few cities in the Lonestar State. Most of the people we encountered were incredibly friendly with their Southern hospitality, making us feel right at home! Here is our little travel photo diary of some of our favorite moments : )

The interior of the adorable mid-century home we borrowed from airbnb
He's not doing what you may think he's doing ^^ (he was sending secret messages to an invisible friend)
Fun with Auntie M + Uncle M
Just like Uncle Spencer : )
Family photos taken by Mel in front of our home away from home
Franklin BBQ in the comfort of the home
The birthday boy all smiles
The rain in Texas was no joke.
State Capitol Building
Because the floors were cool
"Detoxing" with the sibs after BBQing
BBQ is serious business over here
The Salt Lick - We went when it was thunder storming, and there was hardly a wait!
Matching with Auntie M
Burgers for a change
Austin skyline
Visited the Magnolia Market - my first time hearing about it from my sis (I've been living under a rock)!
Pies upon pies...
McKinney: a historic and quaint little town, became one of my favorites
Can we borrow these two for every meal? ^^
Reunited with my childhood friend of 25 years
- Fin -

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