Friday, July 10, 2015

Make a statement.

 Its been awhile since I've posted anything style-related, but even though I am now a Mama of two, I still enjoy dressing up every now and then to get out of my daily uniform, which typically consists of sweats and a t-shirt (shocking, I know). Since my shopping challenge a couple of years ago, I have made a commitment to only purchase what I see myself wearing for more than just a couple of years. There have been some regrets here and there, things that have landed as donations at our local thrift store, or sold online at (a really great website to sell and purchase from btw).

However, I am still redefining my own individual style, which has definitely changed over the last few years. As I went through my closet to clear out the clutter, I found that there were several items I had not worn in the last year- those items were the first to go. I also sorted through all the crazy costume-y stuff I used to wear when I was young and child-free, and ended with a ton of basics. These are the items I resort to when I don't want to think a whole lot about what I put on (which lately, is most mornings). Because I have been building my wardrobe around good, solid basics, I find that accessories and statement pieces have been my go-to when in need of making an outfit look less blah.  I have always been one to accessorize with jewelry, but shoes and bags can also make a statement without being over-the-top.

A friend recently introduced me to Ora Delphine, an up and coming handbag company that produces stylish, yet quality leather bags for reasonable prices. So when I saw this green pony haired leopard clutch on their website a few months back, I immediately gravitated towards it. It was unique without being flashy or loud, and the versatility of this clutch is what drew me in - wear it with the gold chain to make it dressier, or dress it down by removing the chain altogether. It also came with a black leather strap as another option. The best part is that the clutch is large enough to hold all my basic essentials, which is muy importante, because after all, what is the purpose of a bag if it can't hold anything in it?

Ora Delphine is having a summer sale at the moment, and I've collaborated with them to give you an additional 50% off sale prices with the code DV50 from now until the next weekend! Their styles range from basic, bold to trendy and fun. You can find a similar version of my leopard clutch as  a wristlet on sale as well : ).

I decided to pair the clutch with a silk pistachio colored blouse, my torn/ripped/well-loved skinnies with a skinny belt and strappy heels.
Don't mind the little one stirring up a ruckus in the background! ^^

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! You are so stylish and beautiful <3
    -Jenna <3
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