Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's "Fall" in Sunny SoCal!

 I suppose it is now an annual tradition for our family to go apple picking in Oak Glen, California. : ) Even though it is technically "Fall" in Southern California, it certainly doesn't feel like it! It was 100+ degrees back at home, which made the 10 degree cooler difference here feel like a relief. The last time we were here there were no more apples to pick, so this time we made an effort to come earlier (mid-September). The orchard was filled with the amazing scent of fresh apples, and a cool breeze came by every so often to relieve us of the heat. I guess this is as good as Autumn gets around here!
Our favorite apple cider donuts from Snow-line happen to also be the only ones we've tried : P
Now that it's October and the weather is still close to the 90s, I'm beginning to wonder if we indeed only have one season each year....

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