Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ahoy mateys!

We threw a Sailor-themed 1st belated birthday party for the little guy, with a group of people who have played a special part in the early months of his life. How strange it is to think that over a couple years ago, he never existed in our lives. It almost feels as though he has been a part of our little family this whole entire time. Life felt tremendously different before him-- I was different, our lives were different. It's incredible to see how much a little person can change the way you live and view life in general.

Much of the decor used for his party were things I found lying around the house. I tried to be resourceful by tweaking old decorations in order to fit the theme. Simplicity seems to be of the theme of my life these days. Pinterest also sparked some ideas such as hanging baby's onesies on a clothing line to use as a banner across the room. My version involved hanging some of his sailor-inspired outfits from birth-now. The rest involved construction paper and good ole Elmer's glue!
Bebe J was such a trooper and partied until his eyes grew heavy as it was way past his bedtime. I'm sure he didn't know this was exactly a party for him, as he was overwhelmed with all the extra attention (which did involve a "minor" meltdown). I guess first birthday parties are more for the memories down the road, and we made sure to take a ton of photos for him to "remember," so that he can thank us later ; )

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