Monday, March 4, 2013

Silver Lining

{ Silver top from Romwe, reconstructed RL jeans, Ash high-heeled booties, Longchamp bag}
We went out to the Arts District in LA this past weekend for a friend's birthday celebration. The area reminded me of San Francisco and its little districts that makes the city so unique. We ate at Wurstk├╝che, the popular German-style sausage beer hall with various types of sausages including a rattlesnake & rabbit variety (as with every exotic meat, it tasted like chicken). 

I decided to wear a silver top from Romwe with my DIY boyfriend jeans made out of an old pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that were just sitting in my closet. I threw on some high-heeled booties by Ash that were gifted to me by an old customer in order to make the jeans less dowdy-looking.  

I dressed up Bebe for the occasion in his little man outfit - We've been blessed with many gifted and hand-me-down outfits. Every once in awhile I'll find something to add to his outfit, such as a hat or statement piece (hah). But other than that, children grow so quickly that they hardly get much mileage out of their clothing, which makes me weary of how much I spend on his clothing at this point in life.

I found this cross ring buried underneath several other rings in my jewelry holder. It's funny how old things become new again when you forget about them. It reminds me of how little I cherish what I own when I constantly add to my collection of "stuff." 
These days, I've been thinking a lot about the things that bring me joy - not the temporal kind, but something that goes deeper into the depths of your soul. It's the kind of joy we were created to experience and can only be filled in a God-shaped way. Through this joy, I am rediscovering what my deepest passions are, the ones I once treasured, but forgot when distractions came my way. I'm finding that the most difficult part is battling the same fears I had the first time around. But this time I hope to continue moving forward and come out stronger than before.

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