Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mother's Day weekend.

Wore a vintage dress I fell in love with last summer at a little boutique in Old Town Orange to the opera --  I literally had to suck in (as much as it was physically possible), but the occasion called for this dress and I was determined to make it work!
The Hubby surprised me with dinner and an opera as my belated Vday gift (the earliest date for La Boheme was May!). Since I am rather limited with what I can consume at restaurants these days, he figured he would take me to a place that was organic, all natural, meat and dairy-free. Sounds like a recipe for bland, tasteless food resembling that of cardboard, right? However, Shojin in Little Tokyo, LA was quite the opposite! If a restaurant can fake spicy tuna rolls, mad props to them. It was the closest I've come to sushi since being preggers. The killer ending was a tofu lemon-lime cheesecake. Trust me, it tastes tremendously better than it sounds. Vegans, vegetarians, macrobiotic-lovers and adventurers need to come and try this place.
My loverly god-daughter took me out for Mother's Day that same weekend and we ate at Seasons 52 in Costa Mesa. One of my friends is a server there and so I had heard about their 500 calories and under menu. The dishes were tasty, but definitely healthy in flavor. In the end, our favorite part was the mini dessert cups displayed for you to choose according to your preference. 
A beautiful bouquet given to all the mothers at our church in honor of Mother's Day! For the first time, I had people wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. The feeling is still so very surreal, but it is a new label I am more than happy to get used to.

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