Wednesday, March 14, 2012


top-bottom: | gluten-free vegan waffle sundae from kindkreme | storybook house we fell in love with | adorable prints found at Anthropologie | The Bunny Museum | 'letteCulture 22 Restaurant |

It hasn't even been a month since the last time I went back to Pasadena, and I found myself there again with my buddy Cindy. She had a groupon for Culture 22 and wanted a companion to dine with, so of course I agreed! Even though it was a bit overcast and gloomy, we made the most of the day. We first stopped by kindkreme to sample their raw, vegan ice cream. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the ice cream turned out to be rather fresh and tasty. The girl working behind the counter was super sweet and told us all about the ingredients they put into their foods. We ended up with a delicious nut-based waffle sundae -- it was so tasty that we didn't even miss the gluten! Afterwards, I went to drop off a package for a friend and stumbled upon a series of beautiful homes right out of the storybooks. 

We also decided to visit  The Bunny Museum, a quaint little house which holds over 28,000 pieces of "bunny" memorabilia. The whole collection began with the husband and wife giving each other bunny gifts as a token of their love. This living museum is free to visit and you can bring own your veggies to feed the live rabbits living inside. Definitely a must for bunny-lovers and those of you who enjoy all things kitsch and out of the ordinary.

Before stopping for dinner, I spotted the new 'lette (formerly known as "Paulette") macaron bakery in Old Town. The macarons here definitely look better than they taste. The texture and taste just didn't seem to satisfy my craving. I find it difficult to find decent macaron places here in Southern Ca. Merely Sweets in Brea is perhaps the closest bakery to my house that makes decent macarons, but they are also missing something. Any suggestions? : ) But anyway, macarons need to have a separate post on this blog. 

Finally, we went in to eat at Culture 22, located in Old Town Pasadena. The place was reminiscent of a Vegas-style lounge. We shared a couple appetizers that were pretty tasty, and ordered the pork chop with a stuffed onion filled with bleu cheese corn grits as our entree. Perhaps I was already full from the appetizers, but I think I could have passed on the entree. All in all, the service was great but the food was mediocre. 

And that concludes our daytrip, with more to come!


  1. goodness, the first photo looks SOOOO scrumptious. i feel like licking my computer screen. hahahaha. can we do something like this when i'm in town!?

    I MISS YOU!!! how are things?! update pls! <3

  2. can i have a hi-res of one of your photos to print & mount on my wall? you're an amazing photographer!

    Xo, R

    1. Hahaha thanks! Which one did you want? : )