Sunday, January 22, 2012

Belated Christmas day post.

Xmas dress
Xmas accessories
Dress by Joli, navy uniqlo tights, Banana Republic loafer DIY heels (I painted the heels with black lacquer), All Saints denim jacket, vintage remake necklace from Etsy gifted by my bff, Giles & Bros. railroad spike cuff gifted by the Hubby (with the inscription Joshua 1:9- my life verse), Banana Republic rose gold studded bracelet
br shoes
Joshua 1:9
My Hubby took these photos on our way to church on Christmas morning. This Christmas crept up  rather quickly, and I felt most unprepared. However, it was a relief to have the day off and enjoy the company of friends and family, even though I wasn't able to spend Christmas with my immediate family this year -- I plan on making up for that in the next year...

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  1. Love it ! The jewelry is cute and you look stunning ! xx