Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Color Blocking Pt. 1234

Vintage cobalt blue blouse, vintage italian grid scarf, Zara skirt, Trouve (Nordstrom) heels, assorted accessories
Some more shots we took up on the rooftop, this was my own outfit- a big mistake to wear on a super-sunny day in  downtown LA while being a photog/stylist/wannabe-model. At least the silk breathed better than a polyester shirt might' time I'm sticking to 100% cotton! The color-blocking trend will have to die hard on me because I've been addicted to color lately (can't you tell??)...although I still have small dosages of monochromatic colors every now and then, including blacks and grays : )
fenced in
Fall shades

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  1. i love your color blocking! i tried to do it last night and will straight up said, "no. you got too many colors going on." hahaha. ohhh well. i guess some people can do it right ;)