Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LA, I think I love you.


F21 cropped tee | Mossimo skirt | GAP neon belt | Longchamp handbag | sandals taken from lil sis | Banana Republic cluster chain bracelet| braided cord necklace from F21 | friendship bracelet from the Swap Meet
My friend and I finally decided to pay Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles a visit. The pristine, white-washed walls with intricate mouldings and marble floors were an eye candy reminiscent of those found in Paris, France. However, the food was mediocre, comparable to Costco's frozen lasagna (but Costco wins). The pastries and desserts on the other hand, were delectable and satisfied our sweet tooths.
Bottega cupcakes
Grand Macarons
Rose cupcake
Going along with the theme of food in LA, the Hubby took me to Lukshon in Culver City. A friend from high school helped create the recipes and menu for this new restaurant by Sang Yoon, the same dude who opened up Father's Office (the chi-chi burger joint most visitors try, alongside In-n-out). The verdict: a fun twist on Asian fusion food- less stuffy and entertaining to the mouth. If you are in the LA area and haven't been, go try it; pronto.
Sashimi with papaya salad
Foie gras truffles
Fried blue crab
We also stumbled across Buttercup Furniture, in the same plaza at Lukshon and Father's Office. Walking inside made me wish we met sooner, as in prior to us purchasing a ton of furnishings for our new place. Straight out of a Domino magazine, it is every interior decorator's dream come true.
H.D. Buttercup
All in all, I think Los Angeles is finally a place I can call home. Never thought that day would come, but in the midst of all the pollution, traffic and aggressive drivers, there is still beauty to be found in this city.



  1. Yummmmz! You make me miss LA...not that I ever lived there sadly.I love that pop of a yellow belt you have on!
    P.S. Sorry I never emailed you, my internship has been PILING work on me for the last week but I live in Berkeley :( I SOOOO wish we could go thrifting together! Next time your in town or I'm down south, let's do a meet up ;) xxAnisa

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  3. you're so cute! i'm loving your blog <3