Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Houses.

Wearing a sequined dress from Target, H&M blazer, Carlos patent pumps, vintage Chanel bag, Forever 21 bangle

Taken in front of the Anaheim White House restaurant. We came here based on a free gift certificate that Cindy received. This was possibly the most over-rated "fancy schmancy" restaurant I've ever been to. I don't usually like to criticize places, but this place was definitely pretentious and over-hyped. The ravioli was below Costco's standard and the souffle would've caused Julia Child to roll over in her grave. As my friend Cindy would say, the only part that was worth it was the $4 valet service. Nevertheless, it was an amusing experience that made me feel like we were in a Dynasty episode, circa 1980s.
Anaheim White House
Cindy's favorite part: the architectural parmesan crisp
Mini bow-tie
This event calls for a mini paper bow-tie.


  1. Ha, you too are so adorable! The Brimfield Flea Market is HUGE and people from all over the world come to it. It's held in Masaschusetts, Brimfield to be exact :) Do you live close enough? I will take you next time!
    xo Lynzy

  2. you girls are too adorable! i love that Parmesan crisp!

  3. at least you got to dress up! hahaha! love the sequin dress on you... and no, you don't look like a disco ball. so sad about that vince sequin shirt. sigh*

    & uh, geez girl.. thanks for texting me and letting me know about presales. what A TORTURE!!! lmao. jk. i should really save up for the anniv. sale... but yes, i want. of course! please please. the lime&pink skirt in xs. thankiiiess! i'll text you later 2m :)

  4. you & i are definitely insomniacs. HAHA.

    & yah! ocean beach is down the street from my house... i live no more than a mile away from SF zoo, which is right by lake merced! :)

    the desserts are from the cliff house! down on ocean beach... all the way up on the great hwy. we shall go on a food adventure when you come!