Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random updates...

My diy belt
One of my bracelets snapped, so I decided to decorate a vintage belt I found at the local Swap Meet.
Vintage Vogue Florence shades
My sister and I found matching vintage Italian shades at the Swap Meet as well.
Ballet flats
Lace ballet flats I found at UO awhile back for 7 bucks.
Lil sis and Mocha
A photo of my sister and Mocha, taken in our new living room (more photos of the new house to come..)
Pick yer own watermelon!
Went watermelon picking and vegetable tasting at a farm, it was a great experience for suburban girls like us!
Watermelons we picked!
Tanaka Farms
Tanaka Farms is beautiful farm located in Irvine, California. I never even knew such a farm existed in the OC! They took us on a wagon ride and allowed us to try many of their fresh vegetables and watermelons. They will have many fun festive Fall events coming up, so do check up on their website for more info- Tanaka Farms

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