Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Classic Beauties

From top-bottom: Jane Birkin (can you imagine having an iconic bag to leave your legacy?), Anna Karina (actress/muse for Jean-Luc Godard), Brigitte Bardot (known for her teased "bed-head" look), Natalie Wood (known for Westside Story, & other American films) and Jean Seberg (known for both American & French films)

While taking a break from my thesis writing, I found several photos I saved in my "Classic Icons" folder and decided to share them with you. There's always something classy and impossibly chic about stars from the 60s. Even though several decades have passed, the outfits they wore will remain just as timeless as they will be remembered. Again, I wish I grew up in the 60s.


  1. These women will always inspire me! So the other day I went to a shop social event and turns out they sell knock offs of the grey ant shades, but I forgot to jot down the name. Thanks for coming by SheWearSheShares!