Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hellooo Phillip Lim!

Masterpiece designed by Phillip Lim
Went to see Phillip Lim speak on Romance and Realism in Fashion at the LACMA with my cousins, thanks to an invitation from my dear friend Cindy! They showed footage from his Spring 2010 runway show, which was just as amazing as his Fall 2009 line. A short clip of how his finale dress was constructed was also being shown. Then, there was a time of Q&A, which he mastered brilliantly. Afterwards, we were able to meet and chat with the designer himself. I could hardly contain my excitement and my hands trembled as if I had coffee jitters. I felt like a little girl meeting a rockstar. Fashion designers are my rockstars.
5 workers, 4 days later...
Phillip Lim's take on a versatile "Bridal dress." This took 5 workers and 4 full days to create.
Work of art.
Another beautiful dress from the Spring 2010 runway.
I had itchy fingers...
Wearing a vintage dress and bordeaux tights inspired by his Fall '09 line. I saw a similar dress created by him after purchasing this dress. Needless to say, I was quite pleased.
My DIY necklace
Finally got to wear my DIY necklace!
Docs I've had since 12!
Tried cramming my feet into a pair of old Doc Martens I received from my Dad at age 12. Two blisters later, I've reconsidered "breaking into" these.

The designer himself
A shot with my cousins and Phillip Lim himself. Definitely an unforgettable experience. 

I leave you with...

Quotes by Phillip Lim (some re-phrased by me):

On styling: "When in doubt, take something out. The less you put on a page, the more there is left for the imagination."

On working towards your dream: "Learn off someone else's dime."

On the whole internet craze: "Keep a little back in order to keep the mystery alive."

On wearing clothes you love but don't fit: "If you love it, alter it. What good is it if it just hangs on the wall?"


  1. Wow, what an experience! That's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I'm glad that you had so much fun and thanks for sharing his quotes! Your vintage dress is adorableee and those dresses are just incredible pieces of art.

  2. I love your dress too, and totally remember seeing you. I thought it looked very Mayle-ish! And that necklace! Consider me a new fan of your blog!

  3. waaaaaaaa love love love love!!!

  4. omgeee!!!! me now a fan of yar blog
    i love the dress. very MIU MIU
    and the boots.. wow.. dr martens are epic!

    great intrview !

  5. and those dresses are breathtaking