Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Bebe!

This past Monday marked our little one's 1st official birthday. It really feels like a few months ago when we first laid eyes on him - since then our lives have been forever changed. Change never comes easy, and Motherhood has been the most challenging life experience for me thus far. There are days when I end my day staring at the computer screen in exhaustion, too tired (or lazy) to head to bed early. When bebe is sleeping, I rejoice in my freedom, but at the same time I have this crazy urge that misses him. Most of the time, I put it upon myself to try and be an idealistic Mother and Housewife while I am given this "luxury" to stay at home. Society tends to frown upon moms that stay at home, expecting them to be watching dramas all day. If only that was my life, but I've never enjoyed watching dramas anyhow. 

Between running errands, cleaning, cooking and feeding my three babies (Bebe, Daddy and Dogie), the days go by surprisingly quickly. It reminds me that though the day may seem mundane at the moment, it's the mundane that we tend to forget. And one day, our little one won't be so little anymore, nor will he want me to hold him closely to sleep. As I look back on how quickly the year has gone by, the Lord reminds me to be thankful for all the little things that may seem insignificant: teething, outgrown clothing, dirty diapers, food stuck in the high chair - these are all reminders that our little one is growing heathily. It's so easy for me to overlook these things and focus on the challenges at hand. How often do I forget that there was a time when we thought we would never be able to have any children. For this, I need to remember to count my blessings daily...

But of course there are also many rewards that come with being a Mommy, little signs of grace that remind me I'm doing something right: The first time he cried Mum-Mum, or when he plants lip smacks (he doesn't quite know how to actually kiss just yet) on my face when I lay on the ground next to him, or claps his hands in the silly way that he does when I sing him a song. These are the moments I hope to never forget and sometimes wish I could hit a pause button.

I've also come to notice that the world tends to open up around children. Strangers will often stop and smile or make friendly conversation. It's truly amazing how opportunities to connect with others arise when you have a child in tote. It has been our prayer that our little one would be a light onto this dark world, and it brings me so much joy to see that happen even in his young age.

So to celebrate our gappy-toothed bugger, we kept the day relatively low-key by sharing in a meal at home. I found a healthy (minus the frosting) "smash cake" recipe online for Bebe to devour (more like pick at). Though the Hubby cringed at its appearance, our Bebe enjoyed every bit, cooing and kicking his little feet happily as he munched away.
To this day, he still despises hats- it'll be a work in progress.
Every baby is an angel whilst sleeping... 


  1. Ok, I stalked you a little (read: a lot) and went through your blog posts from 2009 til now, and man oh man! Love your eye for design, your writing style, your wise words, your love of life and God and fam! :) Also, it's very clear when you became a mommy (75 entries in 2009 and only 20 in 2013 so far, heheh). Hope you like run on sentences! See ya sooon :)

    1. Lol, thanks Cynthia! I love run on sentences..or freight sentences? I forgot the exact term...but anyway. Aww..I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my posts. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would bother reading what I wrote, but I try to upkeep my blog so that I have something to look back upon. : ) Much has changed in this past year alone! I plan on keeping up with the blog, so stay tuned! :D Can't wait to see you soon as well, good times ahead with M&M's wedding!