Monday, September 16, 2013

Revamp for Less than $5

I've had these white patent pumps for over 7 years and they've been beat up pretty badly (I've been known for walking crookedly). After throwing them into a bag to donate, I thought about blinging them up to hide the scuff marks. Referring back to my first glitter DIY here with some old Jeffrey Campbells, I decided it was worth a shot to revamp and renew!
If you haven't discovered Mod Podge yet, you really are missing out on some fun projects. All you need is glitter, mod podge, a brush and something dull.
Several coats later... et voila! Good as new!
Another revamping project I did involved a can (or two) of metallic gold Rust-Oleum and random knick knacks I had lying around the house that I grew tired of seeing. I was inspired by a friend who got me hooked on the Midas touch, which caused a spray-painting frenzy.
A lackluster table from IKEA needed a pick-me-upper. Nothing a bit of tape and gold spray paint couldn't handle!
The easiest DIY: Coloring old buttons with a metallic Sharpie pen. We'll see how it holds up after a wash, but for now it works!

And for less than $5, you can update [just about] anything your heart desires...

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