Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A fresh start.

Was feeling creative and put together a few outfits for the Fall (in LA at least).

Found the new lashblast lengthening formula by Covergirl at the local drugstore. Does it really lengthen your lashes? Yes. Given the fact that I have short, thin, asian lashes, that says a lot. And for $7 a pop, it's more worth it than Diorshow mascara.

Getting rid of some excess in my wardrobe in order to simplify things. Anyone who wants certain pieces, do let me know so I can reserve them for you. So far I have two large bags full. I always tell people to not get sentimentally attached to clothing they don't wear/fit anymore and I need to follow the same advice. I plan on giving away most and maybe exchanging a few at Buffalo Exchange.


  1. you've always been able to pull off the most fashionable things, I love your style Davina :) this blog is super awesome and it suits you so well!

  2. diggin' the fall ensemble you've put together, and I WANT TO TRY THE MASCARA! i'll have to quickly use up my current one (great lash) so i can get that one :D

    wow you're giving away those clothes? i have my eyes on the black sequined(?) vest pullover, light denim vest, and the nautical striped top........ but would it fit me?? hehe :P

  3. i like that blue flowered dress! and maybe the vest if jewel can't wear it? hehe <3

  4. if the scarf isn't taken.....??? we need a shopping date!