Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's a jungle out there!

We were looking for safe, yet tasteful foam flooring for the baby and the Hubby came across SoftTiles through another blog. The website offers customizable foam mats with a variety of colors, animals, shapes and letters to choose from. Yes, as a parent you begin to get into the little details that are involved in your child's life - design and aesthetics are secondary to possible chemical hazards they may be exposed to (we're all familiar with the past lead scares in toys). The best part about these tiles are that they're non-toxic, free of formamides, phthalates and latex. 

Their customer service was excellent and super patient with us as we were trying to figure out what kind of pattern and designs we wanted for bebe's floor mat. They  gave us some ideas and sent us different revisions for our choices via colored spreadsheets. We received the mats less than a couple weeks later, and the quality exceeded our expecatations. Each mat was thick, yet cushiony and didn't have that typical foam smell, reminiscent of cheap flip flops from Chinatown. Our only minor gripe was a film of residue that made our feet feel slippery after walking on the new mats. We contacted customer service and they told us the factory residue could be wiped off with some dishsoap. Other than that, we were very happy with our choice of foam flooring for the bebe, and he seems to be even more thrilled, granted it was purchased for him; now that's another bebe item we can take off our extensive checklist!

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