Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-Vday mini-vacay.

SB, Coffee
Topshop drapey top, Uniqlo jean leggings, random accessories, Longchamp tote, Topshop sneakers
Sweet dreams.
Vintage blazer from Mom, F21 sheer blouse, Mossimo skirt, Nordstrom dotted tights, Carlos pumps, vintage bag

I went on a mini getaway with the Hubby as a pre-Vday celebration. Though he was sick as a puppy, we managed to get a ton of rest and restoration, as well as filling our tummies with yummy food at our favorite San Luis Obispo joints.
Surprise tickets from the Hubby to see Swan Lake at Cal Poly SLO!

Cal Poly SLO Theatre
Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo
Takoyaki at Goshi's
plum & green tea
Delightful apple dumpling a la mode at Apple Farm.

Some other great spots we frequent in San Luis Obispo:

Splash Cafe - great for their award-winning clam chowder, seafood salad, pastries & more!
Firestone Grill - they make a mean tri-tip sandwich - buttered toasty bun w. juicy slabs of tri-tip immersed in their homemade bbq sauce
Madonna Inn - Go there for the over-the-top kitsch decor, which will transport you back to the 60s. Their cafe has much eye candy, with huge slices of pink cake decked with white chocolate shavings and more.
Goodwill Outlet - We discovered this place on a whim. They literally charge you clothing by the pound and records are .50 each, amazing.
Antique Shops - Scattered all throughout the Downtown San Luis Obispo area.
Avila Beach - Our favorite spot, and coincidentally, a vacay spot I grew up going to as a kid.
Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab - Located in the tiny downtown area of Arroyo Grande, they serve old fashion ice-cream in numerous flavors, as well as ice cream demos for kids & adults alike.

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