Thursday, February 24, 2011

A family affair

Sweet Treat
Kiss the girl.
Witnessed my cousin Teddy get hitched this past Saturday and celebrated with my massive, crazy family.
My cousin Sarah is amazingly talented. She made her own dress, along with the wedding prints, decor and candy buffet. Watch out, Martha Stewart!!
Teddy's "bout."
Wedding prints
Just dance.
I decided on wearing a Jay Godfrey one-shoulder dress with a gold ribbon coil, which allows room for food : )
Get your boogie on!
Uncle Peter joined in with the madness.
Take 1
Take 2
Cousin Jam
The photobooth was the best part, I highly recommend Red Cheese Photo Booth, just ask Paris Hilton, she knows ; )

I love my family, being around them is always a pick-me-upper. Family knows you the best, yet they still love you for who you truly are.

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