Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Style Muses

Every woman at some point in her life has had a fashion icon or muse, their source of inspiration and admiration. In my lifetime (and I'm not that old), I've had several. Perhaps that explains my wardrobe schizophrenia, indecisiveness and mood swings when it comes to dressing up.

Audrey Hepburn: I'm sure she's the style icon for nearly every woman, but I'd like to think I found her first. : ) I remember the time when I was 15, and right before our homecoming dance, I went to the library and picked up Breakfast at Tiffany's, the VHS (yes, I'm dating myself here) version because the cover looked glamorous. I hadn't had a clue about who Audrey Hepburn was. After watching the movie, I was instantly hooked. I was devastated when I had to return the VHS and dreamed about watching the movie again and again. I finally found it at Costco a year later and begged my Mom to let me buy it. From that point on, it was movie after movie...she will always be my favorite fashion muse.

Claudia Kishi: During my elementary school years, my nose was always stuck in a "Babysitters Club" book. My absolute favorite character was Claudia, because she was a lot like me (Asian, bangs, loved art & junk food, crazy-style, lousy student, etc.). My friends and I even wrote chain letters like the Babysitters Club in a notebook I still have today. I remember looking forward to the beginning of each book that described her wardrobe because she had such funky and cool outfits. I think Claudia would still look hot today within the streetstyle community. There's even a blog devoted to her: What Claudia Wore

Cher Horowitz: If you asked any of my childhood friends, I was the biggest Clueless fan. My friends and I even gave each other nicknames from the movie, sported knee-high socks, schoolgirl skirts, high-heeled mj's, wrote with fluffy pens and the list goes on... I thought Cher Horowitz was a "total Betty" all throughout middle school. We formed our own little "Clueless" clique that had other girls in our church labeling us as "Davina & Co." Pssh, losers *flashes the L sign*.

Buffy Summers: After Clueless was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I thought the kick-boxing slayer was so bad because she fought monsters and demons and wore a cross everywhere she went. Because of her, I started to wear a cross necklace and a ton of black. And I so wanted to sign up for kickboxing classes but my Mom told me it wasn't very "ladylike."

Nicole Richie: Post-body-style makeover, Miss Richie looked fantastic. During my college years, I loved her boho-style outfits, oversized sunnies and stacked bracelets. I have to say, she still looks good today, even after her daughter, and now she's preggers again! 

The present: I'm slowly starting to develop my own style but it can be difficult because a. I'm indecisive b. I get tired of things quickly. I have to say I respect street-style because they're not designer or celebrity-based. Most of the looks people wear on sites such as Lookbook.nu, are more creative and original. I also have to admit that the Europeans always seem to know how to dress, perhaps that's why they're always ahead! My prof. and I were talking about how the French women just "have it." They never look overdone or as if they're trying too hard. It just comes naturally. Some of my favorite sites for French street fashion are: Garance-Dore and Style and the City. Both seem to capture the essence and chic-ness of the French woman. 

So there you have it, my melting pot of style.


  1. Currently watching Clueless! When I was a freshman in college I did a rewrite of the script for our college fellowship. Guess who played Elton? ;)

  2. hahaha...nice!! you'll have to show me the script sometime.