Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bye-bye Winter.

The photos above were taken on a whim during one of the biggest downpours Southern California has experienced in what felt like years. All of us were also fighting the worst cold ever when the Hubby suggested we take Little J out to see the rain. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I battled through thoughts of pneumonia and other scary outcomes- typical Mom thing to do. However, I was glad we took his suggestion, because Little J had so much fun walking around in the rain (we bundled him up rather nicely) and seeing what was normally a barely trickling stream turn into "white water rapids."

March has definitely been an interesting month - fighting off the nasty, lingering cold that has overextended its stay and infected our entire family, to the random earthquakes and series of aftershocks that followed. In the midst of all that were glorious celebrations such as my baby sister's wedding, the Hubby's birthday and another family member's engagement. There was much to rejoice over and be thankful for. I am now pretty much recovered from the nasty cold, though the poor Hubby is still recovering (he caught it last) and other than a few things that fell over, our home has remained in the same condition as prior to the earthquakes, which is a tremendously undeserved blessing.

The physical trials we faced in the last month could hardly be seen as challenging in the eyes of those in the world who suffer through real tragedy on a daily basis. Comfort has become our enemy in a way that we moan and groan when it is disturbed. How often do we take for granted the blessing of physical health and a sturdy roof over our head? I need to be reminded that every day is a gift from God- not just knowing it, but living it. We are all literally at the mercy of His hands, and our lives are so fragile. All that we own and the talents we possess can be taken away without a moment's notice. And if that were so, what would remain? This past month has left me with some uncomfortable questions, ones that I am still trying to find answers for.

I find that each day is full of little graces that can either make me laugh, smile or want to scream. And sometimes, the laughing is done in hindsight...
Tough life for a tough guy.

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