Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre-pre Vday Outing

The Hubby and I decided to go for a Pre-Pre Vday dinner the first weekend of February. Why? Simply because we do not like being out when every other lovebird is wining and dining, and restaurants stop taking reservations slash upping the prices on their menus. This year, we decided to revisit our first years as a young couple in the quaint and beautiful hometown of Pasadena. We spent the day visiting areas we often frequented, as well as new little joints that opened up since we moved. There were even areas we never happened to stumble across, including this little courtyard that holds two British-style phone booths. It's amazing what you end up discovering when you become a tourist in your own city.
Hubby enjoying his blood-orange/watermelon rosemary lemonade at the new Lemonade in Pasadena
giant macaron
2nd largest macaron I've ever eaten!
europane's egg salad sandwich
Our favorite egg salad sandwich - Europane Bakery
pre vday dinner
We decided to check out Maison Akira, a French-Japanese restaurant we often passed by, but never had a chance to visit.

amuse bouche
Amuse-bouche: tomato-creme with a single shrimp on top
baked alaska
baked alaska
Baked Alaska with green tea cream filling and raspberry sauce
Scallops with a vegetable souffle and seasonal vegetables

I know that most people would say Valentine's Day is overrated,  but I think I stand somewhere in the middle. Having an excuse to celebrate with a loved one (other than anniversaries) can be quite nice, especially for those who are constantly busy with their schedules and haven't had a chance to take a moment out of the madness to appreciate one of the very people who understand and love them for who they are.

This is the 9th Valentine's Day my Hubby and I have celebrated together - including the years before we were married. Now that I think about it, it is quite shocking, actually. Our first Valentine's Day was spent walking around Bergamot station in Santa Monica, perusing through the art galleries and then dinner on 3rd St. It was perhaps the first time we ever held hands and had an official "date." Much has changed since, and even though the same butterflies may not always flutter about, we have come to realize our love goes beyond the infatuation period.

Something as amazing as love does not come without a battle, several might I add. The easiest phase of love is when it comes naturally, almost without much effort. The real test arrives during those moments when you feel as though that same love you first experienced has been sapped out of you. These are the most crucial times when your love is tested through the fiery furnace. Love can only grow deeper through the deepest pains you endure together, not separately. The last year was perhaps the most challenging year of them all, but by God's grace and sovereignty, we have made it through and decided to choose "us" above all other things.

Being married for  nearly 5 years hardly categorizes us as "experts," but I am looking forward to what our future entails. I know that is isn't going to be smooth sailing, but with God and my best friend by my side, I have nothing to fear.


  1. THIS. I loved this post so much, you and your hubby are way too cute and I only wish for the best for you too! I hope to one day find someone who makes me feel comfortable yet not bored. Sounds like bliss to me! xx

  2. i totally agree! we do not like going out on v-day. crowded and overpriced restaurants? no, thank you! we always celebrate the day before. :) and btw, that macaron is almost as big as your face!