Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random musings.

color blocking
Experiment: Played around in the fitting room at Zara and wanted to buy nearly every piece I saw, especially this mod-inspired orange skirt. Nonetheless, I behaved, and narrowed it down to two pieces (not shown here).
Munch: Made smoked salmon crackers spread with cream cheese, topped with caviar while a friend and I watched Hor de Prix and ate a Parisian-inspired brunch.

abstract nails
DIY: I had some time to kill last week and decided to have some fun with my nails by creating abstract paint strokes. It's super simple. 1. Start with a base color (preferably one that contrasts the top colors) 2. Once dried, apply 2-3 light strokes on each finger 3. Add smaller strokes using a different color while overlapping existing tones 4. Voila! A masterpiece at your fingertips!

double the trouble
doggie play date
Play: Went to see a friend and her very new buddy. Him and Mocha gradually lived up to the title of "Bonnie and Clyde." Since neither of us have kids, we have doggie playdates (yes, typical LA girls, but we go deeper than that!).


  1. i WANT that orange zara skirt! i'm sure i would've wanted everything in that store as well. hehe. maybe it's best if we didn't go shopping when i'm back in town. LOL yea... right. hahh.

    anywho, i really hope i'll be back in town in time to celebrate your bday!! :) *crossing fingers*

    the doggies are so cute! lets have a doggie date when i get back too.

    ps. you look beautiful! i love the color blocking trend you have going on ;) hehe. xx

  2. hehe... we have similar taste so i'm not surprise if we have some of the same accessories & such.

    the colorful bangles are actually from... nordy's + thrifted. hahaha. i haven't gotten anything else besides food/drinks from cost plus world market. they have accessories/clothes there?! wtef?

    & yah! i used to draw all the time. i did much more back in high school... but nowadays, i only draw when i'm in the mood- usually sad or motivated. lol. i definitely miss it too... :(

    we should seriously take our sketchpads, go to the getty or the huntington library and sketch. hehehee. that'd be fun.

    can't wait to go back home- next month! eeeks. & pssst, the sam edelman zoe came back in stock at nordy's............. oh man, i've been wanting this pair of shoes for over 2 years!! what should i doooo?

  3. Such cute dogs + I love lox and cream cheese, it's the best :)